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Live Breaks Policy

1. Packs Will Be Opened During Live Stream In The Order They Are Received. 

2. The Name On The Order Will Be Called Out During The Live.

3. If You Are Not In The Chat, We Will Come Back To Your Order.

4. If It Shines, It Ships! (Unless Noted Otherwise at Checkout)

5. Hits are Sleeved and/or Top Loaded, Packaged in Bubble Mailer or Box (For Optimal Protection)

6. Bulk May be shipped (Option At Checkout)

7. Live Rip & Ship Orders Pay Shipping Only Once Per Day (HITS ONLY)

8. Use Code BANGRZ At Checkout To Receive Free Shipping After First Order (HITS ONLY).

9. If You Use The Code On Your First Order, Or On Sealed Product, We Wont Ship Until Shipping Is Paid. 


Only Available In The USA

*Price Listed is Per Pack*

*Pack Art Work Varies* 

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