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Pokémon Stellar Miracle SV7 Booster Box

Pokémon Stellar Miracle SV7 Booster Box is a pre- order. Orders will ship 7/23 potentially sooner. All itmes combined with a pre - order item will ship together, All cancelations will be chaged a 3% cancellation fee. Please see our cancelation policy. 


We only sell new/factory sealed autentic products!


1 Box = 30 booster packs

1 pack = 5 cards


Pre-order the Pokémon Stellar Miracle SV7 Booster Box at Pullinbangrz to enhance your collection with these powerful Tera Pokémon. Each box contains 30 booster packs, with 5 cards in each pack, ensuring you get a wealth of exciting new additions. These Tera Pokémon boast powerful attacks that require multiple types of energy, reminiscent of the classic Crystal Pokémon from the e-Series. Unlike other special mechanics, their Tera label ensures they remain untargeted by certain card effects, offering a unique strategic advantage. At Pullinbangrz, we pride ourselves on superior customer service, competitive prices, and professional shipping standards for every customer, every time.

Pokémon Stellar Miracle SV7 Booster Box - PRE ORDER SHIPS 7/23

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