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Future Flash (Japanese - Box)

Future Flash (Japanese: 古代こだいの咆哮ほうこう Ancient Roar and 未来みらいの一閃いっせん Future Flash) is the name given to the set that makes up the fourth expansion of cards from the Scarlet & Violet Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Two new variants of cards are introduced in this expansion: Ancient and Future, which are both available as Pokémon and Trainer cards. Both card variants feature unique text icons on the top right corner of the artwork, and unique backgrounds adorning the right half of the cards: Ancient cards have a layered strata background, while Future cards have a pixelated background. Ancient Pokémon cards tend to have direct attacks that deal a large amount of damage, while being difficult to Knock Out. Future Pokémon cards tend to have Abilities and attacks with extra effects, allowing for craftier strategies. Ancient and Future Trainer cards have effects that tend to assist their respective Pokémon counterparts. (Source:bulbapedia)


**All our products are sourced from vetted reputable wholesalers/suppliers that we trust & have built great relationships with! Our product is 100% authentic factory sealed shrink wrapped**

Future Flash (Japanese - Box)

  • Released October 27, 2023

    • Language: Japanese
    • 30 Packs Per Booster Box
    • 5 Cards Per pack
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